5 Ways MuseTracks Would “Spice Up” the DPM

5 Ways We’d Spice Up the People Mover

By MuseTracks.com

Welcome to Detroit where our down-to-Earth, blue-collar style gives us the humility to name our public rail transportation the “People Mover,” while all the other pretentious, nose-in-the-air cities call it a “monorail”. We’re proud of the train that weaves in and out of downtown buildings and helps us get to where we need to go. However, we have a few ideas that will make this railcar system even greater.

1. Live DJ/Announcer

No more canned ding-tones or voice recordings. Give us a live announcer that will let us know which station is next while also interjecting some fresh beats or some interesting facts about the area our car is venturing into.

2. Hot chocolate dispensers

Winter in Detroit is very cold. So, what’s a better way to warm up than by sipping on some hot cocoa while riding through the downtown tundra?

3. Food samples

We like food okay? Get some local restaurants to provide riders with some delicious bites to enjoy and to display the great local cuisine Detroit has to offer.

4. Exotic fish aquariums

When approaching a station, let’s have some cool fish to look at. How meta would it be when a tank of fish is being looked at by a tank of humans? Mind = blown.

5. Estimated time of arrival boards

In all seriousness, ETA boards would be a great addition as it will help people plan out their night and deter
mine if they have enough time to throw another $10 into a slot machine at Greektown Casino (or $20 if you’re feeling lucky/risky or $50 if you’re me).



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