July 24, 2014
DOWNTOWN SUMMERFEST—Campus Martius Pk., Noon-10p / Mix & Mingle Thursdays: Dwele—Campus Martius Park, 5:30p / Ernie—City Theatre, 8p / Royal Blood—Shelter, 8p
July 25, 2014
DOWNTOWN SUMMERFEST/Farmer’s Market Fridays—Cadillac Square, 11a-2p/Jehovah Witness Intern'l Assembly—Ford Field /4th Fridays—Capitol Park, Noon-7p & Campus Martius, 5-11p /Ernie—City Theatre, 8p /Rockin’ on the Riverfront: Starship—GM Riverfront, 8-10p
July 26, 2014
DPM HOURS 6:30A-2:00A/DOWNTOWN SUMMERFEST/Kidz Show—Campus Martius Pk, 12p-2p/Grand Circus Dog Run– Grand Circus Pk, 2:30-4:30p/Jehovah Witness Intern'l Assembly—Ford Field, 9a-4p/Faygo Movie Night in the D: Grand Budapest Hotel—Campus Martius Pk., 8p
July 26, 2014 continued
Jimmy Buffett wsg/ John Fogerty– Comerica Park, 7p/Summer in the Park: Sat. Night in Paradise—Paradise Valley/Beatrice Buck Pk, 8-11p
July 27, 2014
DPM HOURS 6:30A-MIDNIGHT / Jehovah Witness International Assembly—Ford Field, 9a-4p / Ernie—City Theatre, 3p
July 28, 2014
Jack White wsg/Benjamin Booker—Fox Theatre, 8p
July 29, 2014
Military Vehicle Expo & Conference—RenCen Marriott / Tigers v. White Sox—Comerica Pk., 7:08p
July 30, 2014
Internat’l Autobody Congress & Expo (NACE) / (CARS) - COBO, 8:30a-5p / Summer in the Park: Jazz & Stage—Grand Circus Park, 5:30-8:30p Tigers v. White Sox—Comerica Pk., 7:08p
July 31, 2014
Internat’l Autobody Congress & Expo (NACE) / (CARS) - COBO, 8a-5p / Tigers v. White Sox—Comerica Pk., 1:08p / Ernie—City Theatre, 5:30p / Mix & Mingle Thursdays—Campus Martius Pk., 5:30-9p