An icon in Downtown Detroit for over two decades, The Detroit People Mover has evolved into one of the area’s most visible and productive advertising media.

From its instantly-recognizable total exterior train wraps, to illuminated interior signage, to station domination, to our exciting Station 2 Station Guide booklet, the Detroit People Mover offers advertisers large and small many wonderful opportunities to bring their message to an affluent, vital and “on-the-move” audience every day of the year! More than 2 milion riders and millions more passersby will see your message inside and outside The Detroit People Mover. Shouldn’t you be advertising here?

Get the full story on the additional links in this section! The best way to get around Downtown is now the best way to get noticed Downtown!

For more information and rates, contact our advertising representatives PTN-NRS at (313) 381-9745 or email us at

Detroit People Mover Advertising Overview
DTC Transit Advertising Guidelines

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