Exterior Train Wraps


The Detroit People Mover moves more than just people! Let your products and services soar high above the streets of Detroit.

Custom vinyl wrapped Detroit People Mover cars are available to help you put your message in motion around the heart of Downtown Detroit. Beautiful, colorful graphics, compelling messages and instant recognition are just some of the reasons why this unique advertising medium will propel your business or product into local, regional and even national focus.

People come to Downtown Detroit for many reasons: work, meetings, sports, conventions, concerts, festivals, fireworks, world-class restaurants…so, your audience is already here. And, each time The Detroit People Mover passes, they’re looking up. Make sure it’s your message they see everywhere they turn.

TV and print news teams often use The Detroit People Mover as a backdrop for their stories. Your advertising message on our trains may wind up receiving far-flung international exposure — at no extra cost to you!

PTN-NRS is the advertising representative for the Detroit People Mover. For more information and rates, please call (313) 381-9745 or send a query via e-mail.

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