Station Domination


Brand-building is effective when your message is everywhere.

People only have to wait an average of three-and-a-half minutes for the next Detroit People Mover train. But, while they are waiting, three-and-a-half minutes becomes a very long and valuable time to let them read and absorb your advertising messages hanging on the walls of our stations! Whether it’s total station domination, or just one sign, station exposure is a great way to get their attention and make your point.

Advertising rates for station signage are priced on a custom basis for each station. As a guideline, calculate your signage costs based on the rate of $15.00 net per square foot of signage per month, with a two-month minimum. Production and installation of signage are additional and billed direct to advertiser by one of our approved vendors. These rates apply to wall, window and banner signage. We will be happy to quote a package that is perfect for your specific needs and budget.

“Step-Up’s,” the risers on the stairways leading up to the platforms, give you a great way to deliver a brief message, perhaps just your logo or phone number, as people ascend to the platform level. Each station has a specific number of risers (20 – 80 in most cases) available, so advertising rates depend on the station and quantity you choose.

PTN-NRS is the advertising representative for the People Mover. For available locations, and rates, please call (313) 381-9745 or send a query via email.

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