Times Square


Title: In Honor of W. Hawkins Ferry

Artist: Tom Phardel / Pewabic Pottery

Station: Times Square Station

Detroit’s Pewabic Pottery is one of only two active turn-of -the-century pottery studios in the country. Its work, known for deep, richly-colored glazes, can be found in classic structures in Detroit and across the nation. Tom Phardel’s design recalls the art deco style, using glazes reminiscent of Mary Chase Stratton’s Pewabic work during the hey-day of America’s Arts and Crafts Movement.

Good example of the historic murals created at Pewabic. Very art deco, but with a modern look. Art Deco is a style of art that was first popular in the early part of this century. Features bold colors and straight lines as well as simple curved lines in the design. This piece also incorporates the turquoise colored tiles and historic glaze for which Pewabic is known. W. Hawkins Ferry, the person in whose honor this art piece is named, was a Detroit Architect, philanthropist, and a member of our Art in the Stations Commission

Title: Untitled

Artist: Anat Shiftan / Pewabic Pottery

As a tribute to “Art in the Stations”, the independent non-profit agency who commissioned and installed the art works in the Detroit People Mover Stations, Pewabic Pottery has designed a signature mural. Incorporated in this colorful mural are the commemorative Pewabic tiles, with the “Art in the Stations” logo, that were given to guests at the opening ceremony for the station art works in 1987.

Funded By: W. Hawkins Ferry, Michigan Council for the Arts, Detroit Edison, City of Detroit, Detroit People Mover Art Commission

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