New Lighting Shines Bright at Ten DPM Stations

The Detroit People Mover Debuts New Exterior Station Signs

Illuminated logos help visitors locate stops, destinations


Finding a Detroit People Mover (DPM) station just got easier: the Detroit Transportation Corporation (DTC) recently installed lighted signage to provide a faster way to discover the DPM’s convenient, street-level stops throughout the Central Business District.


Illuminated signs are frequently placed outside of public transit to direct and inform customers of the nearest transportation. Although People Mover stations are pedestrian-friendly, the lobbies feature clear glass facades and may cause patrons visiting downtown to miss the entry points.  To reach the loop, look up at the logo; the new signs at 10 street-level stations are positioned above or close to station doors, offering both a wayfinding tool and vertical lighting.


Exterior signs are mounted at every station along the DPM route, with the exception of Renaissance, Millender and Cobo centers.  Each features a dual-sided, LED lightbox designed with the People Mover’s familiar train symbol.


Powered for both day and nighttime recognition, the housing includes a color-changing feature on white and blue backgrounds. The first special lighting treatment is scheduled for October 31 and will return to standard white the following day.


Signs By Crannie of Flint, MI was the fabricator / installer of record, and the project was funded by a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant.


Grand Circus ParkGCP Park View 2

Sign Closeup 

DPM Exterior Blue Side

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