Working? How to Survive (and Enjoy) Opening Day

At your desk on Opening Day? How to survive the biggest non-holiday of the season

DETROIT2012 Tigers Yearbook JPG  // It’s no secret – the home opener of baseball season is the real deal – an unofficial holiday that has the combined revelry of a street fair, the “Go get ’em guys!” attitude of competitive sport and the backdrop of an all-day party.

The doors are wide open folks… unless you are actually working (insult to injury: the Detroit Tigers play on a Friday this year for goodness sake). If going through the seven stages of grief while passing by the windows of the office several times before noon to gaze wistfully at the crowds has you counting the minutes until lunch, this is for you. Here’s how to spend those precious break/meal time moments (because you do have to go back):

Fifteen-Minute Fake

The key here is to be strategic. Use the day before or five good minutes at the desk to decide where you want to go – where’s the closest hangout you can swoop in, grab some swag, lead a quick chant at the radio remote party and dip out? Decorate your desk with the loot and be envy of all.

30-Minute Dashers

Okay, you may be able to squeeze in some nourishment here, provided that travel doesn’t involve a car. Use convenient public transportation to get you close or take you away from the action.  In downtown Detroit, the People Mover is elevated and can deliver fans to several locations in minutes. On foot is great too, so it is possible to check out one or two spots, buy food, a beverage and make it back with seconds to spare. The key here is to not be picky about the nearest options available and make sure it’s portable, so you have the choice to nosh on the go or enjoy it back at the building.

Power Hour

Ah, hang time! If you accidentally forgot to pack a lunch (or not), no need to press your nose against the glass in frustration or deprive yourself of both sports and sustenance – there are options.  Looking to join in? Again, planning is everything. Allow time to navigate the streets, wait in lines and avoid the photobombs from all the happy people. For some, the last place you want to be is around the masses; in this case, pay a visit to that intimate, non-chain restaurant that gets rave reviews, but you’ve never tried. Small businesses gain new customers and you have a new secret location away from the co-workers. And you still have time to check out an inning or two. Smiles all around.


Ericka Alexander is the Marketing Specialist for the Detroit Transportation Corporation. As operators of the downtown Detroit People Mover, the elevated light rail system provides a faster way to the fun, serving over 2.3 million workers, residents and visitors annually.

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