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Calvacade of Cars
Calvacade of Cars

Larry Ebel / Linda Cianciolo Scarlett

There are 2 Fords, 2 Chryslers, 2 G.M.s and 1 Cord. The artists first created this design by taking photographs of the actual cars. Then they chose the colors and the arrangement of how things should be placed and sent it to Crovatto Mosaics. Crovatto is located in a little town in Italy, and its chief industry is making Venetian glass mosaics (too expensive to have done in the States). To make the Venetian glass, workers pound out very small pieces of colored glass and put them on individual pieces of mesh. They would then ship the pieces of mesh to us. Installation was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle!

This spacious mural of seven vintage automobiles, executed in Venetian glass mosaic, is an engaging tribute to Detroit’s automobile industry. The two Chryslers, two Fords, two General Motors and a Cord were photographed for the mural from the Carrail collection of Richard Kughn.

Funded By: The Chrysler Motor Fund, The Ford Motor Fund, The General Motors Foundation.