Grand Circus Park

Catching Up
Catching Up

J. Seward Johnson, Jr.

Passengers often pause for a moment and recognize reflections of themselves in this life-size bronze sculpture of a commuter reading a newspaper. Perfectly integrated into his environment, the figure represents Mr. Johnson’s concern with the relationship of his sculpture to its surroundings and audience. Both the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News are featured in this personalized work.

Even though the figure’s clothes, shoes, etc. look real, they are actually the result of an art form known as lost wax process. This piece was voted “most popular” by the people of Metropolitan Detroit. The newspapers are molds of the actual Free Press and News that we sent the artist. This is not an original piece of artwork. There are six more of these around the country. However, we personalized it with the two Detroit newspapers. (Lost Wax Process – Wax is poured over the real materials and hardens to make an exact mold of the object. Hot melted bronze is then poured over the wax taking on the form of the mole. The wax eventually melts away.)

Funded By: City of Detroit, Detroit People Mover Art Commission.