Event Details

  • Designing Detroit’s Affordable Housing
  • Monday, 16th September 2019
  • 05:30 PM - 08:00 PM
  • Detroit Design 139 @ 1001 Woodward  
  • Bedrock will host a public event in the Detroit Design 139 exhibition space called DESIGNING DETROIT'S AFFORDABLE HOUSING. Across the nation, escalating housing costs have led to a dramatic shortage of attainable and affordable housing solutions in most major cities. Because of this combination in market trends, many cities have begun to experience a reverse migration out of urban centers and away from the coasts. While Detroit has its own legacy of housing issues, it too is challenged by both rapidly changing market dynamics and a severely underdeveloped housing supply. As the Detroit housing market continues to grow, how can we implement inclusive design processes, architectural strategies, civic policies, and innovative construction solutions to ensure a diversity of housing options are available to all current and potential residents? Building upon the Detroit Design 139 exhibition theme, INCLUSIVE FUTURES, event attendees will 1) engage in dialogue with distinctive affordable housing leaders, and 2) discuss how to integrate the inclusive design process into the creation of Detroit’s future affordable housing. Speakers include: Melissa Dittmer, Chief Design Officer at Bedrock James Witherspoon, VP of Architecture at Bedrock Donald Rencher, Director of Housing and Revitalization at City of Detroit Katherine Swenson, VP National Initiatives at Enterprise Community Partners Antonio Fiol-Silva, Principal at SITIO Architecture + Urbanism Amy Chesterton, Director of Urban Planning at Rossetti Sharon Haar, Director of Housing Studio at University of Michigan’s College of Architecture Nearest DPM Station: Cadillac