Transit-Oriented Development

The Detroit Transportation Corporation commissioned a study with HDR to determine the impact of the Detroit People Mover on downtown development. During a 28-year period, the People Mover generated beneficial impact in the areas of economy (property value), environment and mobility.

The Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Benefits Assessment Study takes a look at the presence of the Detroit People Mover and its contributing role to downtown Detroit. The People Mover's value had not previously been specified in real dollars.

The REMI TransSight model analyses the effects of transportation improvements on economic development. For the first time, the tool was customized for automated guideway transit (AGT) to study the resulting influence of the construction and operation of the People Mover. The tool's success has been documented and verified by Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and replicated by HDR with other U.S. public transportation properties.