Extended Detroit Auto Show Hours, including open on Sundays, Sept. 18 & 25

DPM currently operates 10 stations, six days per week and closed on Sundays.


How to Ride

Welcome aboard! To enjoy your elevated ride through Downtown Detroit, learn about station locations, what’s allowed on the trains, and service hours to quickly move you everywhere you want to go...

Fares & Passes

THE DETROIT PEOPLE MOVER IS OPERATING FARE FREE, WITH NO CHARGE TO PASSENGERS THROUGH OCTOBER 30, 2022. One of the best values in town are rides on the People Mover. From sightseeing to a daily com...

Working with DTC

This page includes tabs for customers to file Title VI complaints (English / Spanish / Arabic forms), Purchasing/Procurement and Employment opportunities, and instructions for vendors / contractors. ...

Push Notification

DPM Push Notification

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